The Comedians Photo Series

This series, is still a work-in-progress, and as such, I am leaving it unpublished for now. But here is a preview of one of the images. It will debut in a gallery opening / fund raising event which will benefit children with Anxiety Disorder and other mental issues.

Jim Gaffigan

A coal miner, shot at McSorley's Old Alehouse.

Jim Gaffigan 2-1.jpg
Limor is a good egg, does good work, is efficient (did my pic in 2 hours), and is open to ideas. The shoot was quick, professional, and they are great shots.
— Jim Gaffigan


Jim Gaffigan_BTS_-9.jpg
Jim Gaffigan_BTS_-39.jpg

Project Credits:

Set Art Directing | Mary Colston
Hair & Makeup | Mari O'Connor
Wardrobe Design | Stevie Ondra
Production Assistant | Maribel Moran
Behind the Scenes Images | Ellen McKnight