Limor is a good egg, does good work, is efficient (did my pic in 2 hours), and is open to ideas. The shoot was quick, professional, and they are great shots.
— Jim Gaffigan

Limor was amazing conceptually and in execution. She gave me very unique ideas to choose from, which was a nice change from most of the idiotic ‘sad clown’ concepts comedians are presented with. And people saying they came out great marks the first time a photo of me has ever been complimented.
— Jim Norton

Working with Limor was easy, fun and super professional. I’m not a fan of waking up before the sun but Limor had a great plan on how to nail the concept her and I discussed and she did that. The only thing better then her professionalism and passion behind the shoot was how great the photos came out.
— Dan Soder

Limor’s editorial shots are simply beautiful and very well thought out, conceptualized in detail from beginning to end. She really took the time to understand my personality and point of view so that we could collaborate on an original shot that represented me in a new, creative way. The passion and attention she has for each shoot really comes through in the quality of her work— stunning photographs from a true professional.
— Ryan Hamilton

Limor is a fantastic photographer. She has a clear vision, gives great direction and most impressively, she can spend an entire day with a comedian and not be driven insane.
— Rory Albanese

I just followed her creative lead and the pictures turned out great.
— Rich Vos

Limor is a true talent! She creates a collaborative and fun environment to play in while capturing the perfect moment. I was very happy with the process and the outcome.
— Adam Ferrara

Just look at Limor’s photography and you’ll see that she is a true professional. She has an eye for what she wants, and she knows how to execute it. All I had to do was be present.
— Carmen Lynch

I loved working with Limor. She is professional, hot, and she captured my comedic spirit in one frame without even knowing me. I highly suggest you don’t be stupid – hire her to take your picture immidiately before you can’t afford her anymore.
— Jessica Delfino